When choosing matting, there are several different choices. 

At AFICIONADO FRAMING we only use conservation grade matting unless otherwise requested.  This type of matting preserves your artwork and is free of pulp and lignin which over time will damage your artwork.

These mats are available in suede, silk, linen, grass cloth, leather, solid core just to name a few.  The choice is yours!  That's the fun part of designing.

         "I found I could say things with color and shapes that

       I couldn't say any other way ...  things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keefe

MATTING is a very crucial part of framing!  First, it protects your artwork from deteriorating by creating a layer between the artwork and glass.    Secondly, if done properly, matting will enhance the image you are framing.  The right combination of color and texture will add incredible beauty and richness to your framed piece.   The possibilities are endless.  Not only does color play an important role, but design as well.  At Aficionado Framing, we use a WIZARD, which is a computerized mat cutter that cuts thousands of different designs to create one of a kind matting. 

 Examples of different types of designs using our computerized  matcutter!