"For me, the greatest beauty always

                              lies in the greatest clarity" ~ Gotthold Emphraim Lessing

Premium Clear & Non-Glare Glassis your basic, inexpensive glass.  It offers 40% UV protection.  This is a great choice when you are looking to frame something in a presentable way and preservation is not a factor.  This glass is a great for posters and commercial grade framing.

Thought all glass was the same? Well think again.  There are several different types of glass available to choose from.  All glazing protects art work, but some better than others.  The most important thing to consider when deciding, is the amount of UV(ultra-violet) protection you would like.  All glass has UV protection, but to what extent?

At AFICIONADO FRAMING, we use 5 different types; museum, conservation clear & non-glare, as well as premium clear & non-glare. 

CONSERVATION CLEAR & NON-GLARE GLASS is a great alternative when you don't want the added cost of museum glass. It offers 99% UV protection so you know your artwork be protected for years to come.   The only difference between the choice of Clear and Non-glare is the overall look.  Clear lets you see everything, but can be highly reflective in certain lighting. Non-glare cuts down on the glare created by light, yet this diffusion eliminates some of the clarity of the artwork.  The choice between the two is a personal one!

MUSEUM GLASSis the highest industry standard glass available.   It has a 99% UV protection & virtually  eliminates reflections.  The application for this glass are, but not limited to, shadowboxes, Cibachrome prints, highly colorful artwork and irreplaceable heirlooms to name a few.